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Stick in Twiddlestix
The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to naviga…

48 pieces puzzle

KCLY Diamond
Move the dropping faces left or right so that the same …

Rubik's Cube
See how fast you can return the Cube into its orginal p…

Keep Ups
Try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible

Batting Champ
Baseball batting game with realistic 3D character rende…

Skate Boy
Perform as many stunt as possible on your skateboard

Tir a l'arc
Change angle and power to shoot at enemies

Zombie Terror
Play Indiana Jones in this whip swinging adventure

Jack Hammer Rampage
Driving on jackhammer and going around killing rabbit.

Shoot For The Sky
Collect power-ups so that you can win the game easier

You have to destroy all the blocks in order to advance …

Test your fishing skill with this Flash game

Flash version of the board game. Your mission is to fin…

1-Player fighting game

Bubble Trouble
You have limited time to shoot all the bubbles

Play Jenga on PC with your mouse - steady hand required

Typing 01
This is a nice typing game that will boost your typing …

Spank the Frank
Spank the penguin

Kill Fred Durst
Kill Fred Durst with 11 methods

Cannon Blast
Navigate your ship in the sea battles against pirates -…

Kill the Mouse
Try to kill the mouse by shooting in the head.

Millineum Fighter 2
Pilot Millineum fighter and fight all other type of wea…

A platform shooting game when you control a cartoon sol…

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