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Play Hexxagon against friend or the computer AI

All Out
Turn all the lights on the board out using the least am…

Creepy Crossword
This is a crossword puzzle in Flash

48 pieces puzzle

Đấm Box
Hãy hạ gục đối thủ của bạn

Euro Headers 2004
Pick a soccer player in this soccer game

Ski Run
Ski between the flags

Introduction to Sailing
This game is designed to teach you the fundamentals of …

Round Rong
Rong is simple a Circular version of Pong

Go through 6 latform with this space shooting game

O My Head
You are a barber. Shave the customers' hair using your …

Catch enough bones before the time run out

Los Simpsons
Hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yoursel…

Dragonball Z
2-Player fighting game with character from the Dragonba…

Blackjack 4
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto …

Monkey Lander
Play as the Monkey and collect tasty fruits and land th…

Mega Jump
Launch the frog with catapult as far as possible. Try t…

Dancing Ant
Configure and direct how the any should react to the mu…

Lance La Hache
Axed Osama in this game

German Air Force
Drop bomb against the allies countries

Duck Hunt
Another clone of the famous Duck Hunt game

When Furbies Attack
Even Furbies will attacke when angry - shoot it before …

Scope Assault
Shoot the terrorists using you scope. Zooming on them t…

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