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You have to detonate/defuse all the bomb

The Tower of Hanoi
Move the pile to another location. Click on a number to…

Park A Lot
Park your car as quickly as possible in style

Pipe Down
Rotate the pipe pieces on the grid board so that the wa…

Skidoo TT
Ski and compelete all tracks in shortest time possible …

Slap Shot
Move the mouse left and right over the player and click…

Soccer Break Away
Choose a right direction to kick the ball.

Another sport game on bowling

Rigelian Hotshots
Control the fireball and attack all targets

Flying Squirrel
Move the flying squirrel around in order to collect poi…

Frog It
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.

Namnum Valleyball Champio…
Frogs playing volley ball in the beach

Celebrity Fight Club
Play as one of the celebrity in this undergraound fight…

The Chainsaw
Wear a skeleton mask and go around chainsaw the worker

Alpine Escape
Catch the falling maidens, shoot the enemy jet but avoi…

Get the roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the perils…

UFO 101
Learn to fly the newly purchased UFO

Steeplechase Challenge
Jump and whip at the corrct timing to beat the computer…

Ploop Y Sus Aventuras
Collect all treasure in the maze

Defend Your Castle
Defend the castle from the intruders

2D Paintball
Shoot the smiley with your paintball gun

V: Force
V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game

Astro Boy
Avoid hit by the asteriod and destroy it to survive

The Fly
Kill the Fly

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