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Memory Family Guy
Flip over the cards and memorize the characters in this…

Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and en…

Mercury Drops
This is a unique puzzle game that is easy to play but d…

Move the colour tiles to a new location. Remove tiles b…

Dread Rock
Climb the cliff with limited tools

A dart game playing the 501 rule

Miniclip Rally
Race around as either the Monkey (from Monkey Lander), …

Punch Out
Play Glass Joe in this boxing game

Mario Level 1
Dodge the bad guys and get to the end of the level to s…

Fruity Bubble
Bobble Bubble clone with a fruity theme

Invasion 2196
Protect earth from alien invasion in this space shootin…

Element Saga ep1-4
Sử dụng các kỹ thuật tấn công như thanh ki…

Street Fighter
Street Fighter clone in Flash

Cat Bat
Get rid of the unwanted cats from the castle using a ba…

The Arena
This is a one on one fighting game. Attack your enemy w…

Alien Clones
Attack the enemy walker in this fast pace game

Cotse Paint
A Flash Paint application from Cotse

Kill Fred Durst
Kill Fred Durst with 11 methods

Boiler Breakdown
Fix the boiler by collecting its parts.

Hit The Looser
Click on the white ball to attempt to hit the loser as …

Mission R4 June
A group of terrorists have invaded your street. Your mi…

Mr. Georges
Tourture the captive with bullets

Wolf 3d
A remake of the first 1st person shooter that started i…

Bird Hunting
Shoot all the birds on screen

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