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Memory Madness
Another Simon Says game clone using 3D graphic

Stackopolis MC
You have limited time to stack up the tiles as per the …

Coloring Book
A Flash colouring book

Carnival Jackpot
This is a puzxle game - the objective is to score point…

Coco's Penalty Shoot-out
It is Coco the Monkey versus the Hyppo in this cute Pen…

Blast Billiards
Đưa những quả bi vào lỗ càng nhanh bạn sẽ…

Use Arrow keys to control the bike. To win this game, y…

King Ping Pong
Play table tennis on PC

Hit The Molt V. 0,1
Hit the mole before they damage the arden

Lone Faction
Kill the drones while escaping to safety

Mud Rally
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy tr…

play against the PC or friend to try to explode your cu…

Bubble Trouble
You have limited time to shoot all the bubbles

King of the Hill
In King of the Hill, you have to protect your castle wi…

Celebrity Fight Club
Play as one of the celebrity in this undergraound fight…

Canyon Glider
Collect points by going through each of the hoop with y…

Bill Cosby Fun Game
Senseless game involving Bill Cosby - kill people on st…

Keep the "head" in the air

Click on the monster in the same sequence

Ultimate Billiards
Play billiard - however, you only have limited time bef…

Shoot the coconuts before it fall on the ground

shoot em
In this shooting game, you have to destroy the head bef…

Wolf 3d
A remake of the first 1st person shooter that started i…

When Furbies Attack
Even Furbies will attacke when angry - shoot it before …

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